Kemuning, an Exotic Tea Garden

A few months ago, after passed the final exams, I visited Kemuning Tea Plantation with my friends. Do you know about Kemuning?

Kemuning is one of  Tea Plantations located in Mount Lawu slope, Sub District Ngargoyoso, Karanganyar Regency, Central Java, Indonesia.  It is about 10 kilometers norhteast of the main line Tawangmangu-Solo. This tea plantations is one of the most beautiful tourist destination in Central Java, especially in Karanganyar district. The natural charm of the mountains is still beautiful, cool air with an average temperature of 21,5 degrees Celcius. The height of the place varies between 800 to 1540 above sea level with the humidity range 60-80 percent and solar radiation is only 40-55 percent.

Kemuning region located between Sukuh and Cetho temple, Palanggatan and Menggung temple. It is not so difficult to reach this site. We can use public transport with the route of Karangayar, Ngargoyoso and Jenawi. Green expanse of the tea plantations is very nice views. In Kemuning, we can enjoy a cruise in the form of tea walk or exploring tea plantations. Not only the views of the expanse of tea, dozens of women with a basket on their back become harmonius other spices. They work with patience and precision.

Around Kemuning te plantations, there is also interesting attraction that must be visited, Jumog waterfall. It is about 40 m waterfall with the very clear water and absolutely very beautiful.

Discharge of water in the waterfall is not so heavy that could  be satisfied visitors play in this place. Ofcourse , the water is very cool and typical cold mountains. Clear water that fell from the cliff rocks formed a river constantly flowing in between large rocks and twisting winding. The water is quite abundant, clear, and cold as directly  from mountain springs.

I hope to visit it again later, and hopefully you can also visit it to feel the natural and fresh of Mount Lawu.

Completed in Yogyakarta, November 2012
Saputra, WD


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