About me

Wahyu D. SaputraBismillahi,

All praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and peace be upon our prophet Muhammad, and upon his household, his companions and whoever follows his example with good conduct until The Day of Recompense.

First, let me introduce my self. I am Wahyu Dwi Saputra. My friends often call me Wahyu.  I grew and spent my childhold until Senior High School in my home town, Sukoharjo, Central Java.

I graduated from SMA Negeri 1 Sukoharjo in 2010 ago and currently living in Yogyakarta, the center of Javanese culture and learning about Food Technology in undergraduates Universitas Gadjah Mada, Yogyakarta. I haven’t chose my study concentration, but perharps I will join in Food Chemistry or Nutrition Laboratory.

I do love traveling, bicycling, writing, reading, and playing badminton. I am interested in education, research, languages, environment and also graphic design. Since I’ve decided to continue my study soon to Japan, I am also deep interested in Japanese Culture. Usually, I spend my spare time to study Japanese Language, read Japanese Professor’s scientific paper and other things related.

That’s all from me. For further contact, don’t hesitate to send me mail in keijinai@gmail.com or wahyu.dwi.s@mail.ugm.ac.id

Thank’s for visiting my blog 🙂


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